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White Sage and Aromatic Herb Botanical Incense (6" Smudge)

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Featured in our January Box

All smudges are sent freshly DRIED and READY TO BURN.

Whatever's Fresh Botanical Smudge Sticks are truly unique. Each Botanical Smudge Stick is packed with high quality White Sage, Resinous Evergreens (such as Cedar and Juniper) and a variety of freshly harvested and appropriate Aromatic Herbs and Flowers to engage the senses. These beautiful, fragrant smudges measure approximately 6 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter. Each Botanical Smudge by Whatever's Fresh is personally hand wrapped by us and comprised primarily of flowers, herbs and tree parts seasonally harvested from their gardens.

Throughout history, the burning of natural substances has been used for cleansing, healing and spiritual purposes. The burning Botanical Incense (Smudging) can help release stress, provide balance, attract love, soothe or give you energy and even disinfect and "clear the air". The pure white smoke produced by the burning of White Sage, the main component of our Botanical Incense, is widely recognized as a strong and ancient antiseptic.


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