Press Release - February 26, 2018

For Immediate Release

BohoBabe expands from being exclusively a Bohemian Lifestyle Boutique to launching their BohoBabe Subscription Box.

26th February, 2018- A BohoBabe is passionate, a dreamer, spreads kindness, joy, and positivity; and in everything she does, she does it with love. Owner Sarah Ammons has built a unique handmade business that is a leader in the Bohemian niche.

BohoBabe is an online bohemian lifestyle boutique based out of Austin, Texas that focuses on living all aspects of the Bohemian Lifestyle, daily. Their vision is promoting health, happiness, positivity, aligning with inner peace, and of course, the free-spirited mindset of every BohoBabe. This boutique is where customers not only shop, they also feel the originality and warmth and while they shop.

BohoBabe is proud to announce their branching out from being exclusively a Bohemian Lifestyle Boutique to launching their BohoBabe Subscription Box (in Jan '18).

The BohoBabe Subscription Box is for all 18-35 year old females (worldwide) who are interested in all aspects of the bohemian lifestyle, it is more than just a clothing brand, they have home decor, yoga items, etc.

They are huge supporters of small businesses so they base their business model on utilizing them as much as they can. Sarah's resourceful and imaginative nature are the most vibrant parts of her personality. She seeks out only the best artisans for her curated shop so everything is original, quality, and most of all, handmade with love and positive energy. Sarah mindfully chooses each beautiful and unique item ensuring it weaves a story and enhances your Bohemian lifestyle. Each one of her products is exclusive and one of a kind.

Sarah is also a HUGE philanthropist who supports various organizations that are near and dear to her heart. A portion of each sale from the BohoBabe Boutique is donated to a worthy cause. And when a new subscriber signs up for the BohoBabe Subscription Box, they get to elect the organization of their choice where Sarah will then donate 1% of their purchase. Sarah prides herself on continually giving back to the community. Understanding the fashion and home decor market wants unique and special, BohoBabe is always adding beautiful new styles to their collection. Sarah is dedicated to providing original handmade, quality brands' products to her customers every day. As her customer base continues to grow, Sarah seeks to expand the availability of the BohoBabe line to stores and designer boutiques. For interested buyers and store managers, please use the below contact details to discuss availability with Sarah personally. She is also amenable to interview requests and magazine, blog, or newspaper features.


Sarah Ammons

Owner, BohoBabe

Tel: 512.426.6136